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Abyssian cat photo

Abyssinian cat is loved by many pet lovers. These cats are unusually tiny and cute. Despite its size, it resembles a wild animal of the family of large felines, which makes this breed very mysterious. Where did the Abyssinian breed of cats come from and what are their characteristics?

History of Abyssinian cat

These cats lived on the territory of Abyssinia (their homeland, now known as Ethiopia) for more than two thousand years. Pictures with their images near the pharaohs were very often depicted on the walls. Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest breeds of cats. Its weight is 4.5 to 8 kg. It has a muscular and quite supple body of medium size.

Abissian cat photo - history

These cats were considered sacred animals, they were kept only by pharaohs or their relatives. Gracefulness, a royal bearing and their sight is something that was passed on to them from antiquity, as these cats were revered.

Abyssinian cat appeared in America thanks to two cats in 1907. After the hostilities, this breed practically disappeared in Europe, but the “stubborn” breeders recreated the “Abyssinian”.

It has a tapering tail, a thick body at the bottom; long, thin and slender limbs. The head of the Abyssinian cat is like a hexagon with rounded edges. The cat has a nose of medium length and a strong chin. Big and broad bottom located ears are at a great distance from each other. Large and widely spaced eyes from each other have the shape of almonds with a dark rim around the eyes. Usually it has a green eye color.

Abyssian cat photo

The fur is thin, short, shiny, thick and tight to the body. Each hair of Abyssinian cats, in most cases, is two- or three-color. It is so-called ticking. The split of multiple colors makes wool iridescent. It is interesting that no picture is formed on the body of the cat. It turns out that the back looks a little darker and the belly, legs and chest are bright.

The nature of the Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian breed of cats is a very water-demanding creature which is not typical for most species of the cat family. It is worth to fill a bowl with water and the cat will splash around in it like a child. This breed is suitable for people who love cats rarely meow. No, doubtless, it will delight you with the mewing, but not as frequently as many breeds of cats do.

However this drawback is overlapped by the fact that it has an incredibly beautiful voice, but pleasant and rare meow for anybody will only be an advantage. The nature of the Abyssinian cat is gentle and intelligent. If you need a kind and tender cat, then this option will suit you. Imagine how tired you come home from work and this sly cat has been waiting for you for a long time to rub up against your knees. You sit down, take it and stroke a bit where he likes. If he likes, he will thank you with his beautiful voice.

Abyssian cat description

Abyssinian is very attached to his master. As soon as she gets used to you, you immediately “will have a tail” appears under the name “Abyssinian” which will bother you. If you choose to read a book or work with a computer, the cat necessarily sits on your lap or will fidget on a table and step by paws on the keyboard as long as you do not pay attention to it.

On the other hand, when there is no one at home, she will always find something to do. This cat is very educated. Even if you forget to trim her claws, she will not sharpen them on any furniture in your apartment. Abyssinian kitten at the age of 3-4 months is very active and agile. If it is not the only pet in the apartment, be sure that it will find someone to play with, someone to cuddle.

Care for this cat breed

Care for Abyssinian kitten is quite simple. The fur of the pet requires almost no maintenance, except that it is recommended to comb it with a special brush to clean fur once a week. It is mandatory to trim claws from time to time. It is easy to accustom this breed to the toilet, once is enough to show how it is done, and you will no longer experience this problem. Well, of course do not forget to drive the cat to the vet and do different vaccinations for your pet to be healthy.

Colors of Abyssinian cat

Abyssian cats breed

There can be seen only four fur color: wild – represents Abyssinian cat, like a bobcat sitting somewhere in the desert, only with own manners and features; reddish; blue and fawn. The rest of the colors also exist, but they are not recognized by many organizations.

  1. Wild color – the most common in Abyssinian cats. This color has shades of ocher, dark brown or black. On the muzzle and tip of the tail there are black marks.Wild Abyssian cat
  2. Sorrel (or red) color differs from the previous completely. Cats of this color have a reddish-red hair, and on the muzzle and tail are clearly visible chocolate-brown marks.Abyssian Sorell cat breed
  3. Blue color is distinguished by the fact that the cat’s body has warm beige and gray hues, and on the muzzle and tail, the marks of slate-gray shades are more clearly highlighted.Blue Abyssian cat
  4. Beige (faun) is a color of light brown color with darker (cocoa-colored) marks.Abyssian favn cat

Abyssinian food

It is better to feed Abyssinian cat with prepared forage, there is no difference whether it is dry or wet. It contains all the needed substances for normal growth and development.

Abyssinian cat price

The cost of the Abyssinian cat is between $100 and $500. My advice is to buy a kitten of Abyssinian cat in nurseries and your pet will be healthy.

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