American Bobtail

American Bobtail Cat

American Bobtail – is a breed of short-tailed cats. Hunter glance, swaying walk and hare tail make them look like wild cats. Bobtails – are smart and attached pets to human being. Furthermore, their intellect is estimated higher than medium.

The origin history of the breed

The native land of bobtail – is The Northern America. Cats lived there for many generations, but the beginning of breed development is considered  to be the 1960s. The official history begins with a cat named Yodi.

A married couple John and Brenda Sanders found him in the territory of an Indian reservation in Arizona.  He was the brown tabby color and short tailed. So, Yodi moved to Iowa.

American Bobtail photo

Kittens of Yodi had  inherited their short tail from their father’s. Then, it was noticed by Sanders neighbors – Mindy Shultz and Charlotte Bentleys. Crossing  short-tailed kittens with long haired colorpoint, they brought out the first real American Bobtail.

The feline organization TICA recognized the breed in 1989 . If you like this breed, then  do not miss the article about the Norwegian forest cat.

American Bobtail Breed Description

American Bobtail cats have average and higher than the average sizes. Weight-4-7 kg, male cats are more than female ones.

American Bobtail Black photo

According to TICA breed contains detailed descriptions of cats:

  • The head- form of modified wedge with gently rounded contours, without any noticeable bulges, the size is proportional to the body, the face is more wide, than long, cheeks are well-evolved and whisker pads are full;Ears- medium or moderately high with a little rounded tips, wide at the base, continue to wedge-shaped head equally arranged on top and sides of the head, brushes are desirable on the ears;
  • Eyes- large, almost almond shaped, placed at a slight angle to the ears, color may not correspond coloration, except for coloring of mink, sepia and colorpoint;
  • Nose- wide, slightly curved in the nose bridge;
  • The body- the average length,  rectangular shape, with a wide and full chest and hips, athletic and muscular body;
  • Feet- strong , good length, proportional to the body, long-haired cats are desirable to have bundles of wool on paws;
  • Tail- flexible, short, minimum size is -2,5 cm (kittens are permitted to have less), maximum-to hock but not more than 8 cm; it can be straight, curved or slightly curled at the end; Bobtail tails are different, but this is their characteristic features are different from other breeds of cats;
  • Wool – resilient, regardless of the weather, double layer; If the cat is longhair- there can be increased shaggy in the breast, legs, belly and tail; If the cat is short hair- there is more fur on the belly, the hair is not very close to the body.


American Bobtail cats can be different colors and patterns, but  preference is given to ”wild flowers”-tabby. Also, there are the solid colors such as, colorpoint, tortie, all shades of black, brown, chocolate, cinmamon, blue, purple, red, cream and white and without it.


American Bobtail – is a real family pet. This cat are not tied to be one person, he is capable to love all at once. They love being in a big company. Reviews about them are the best.

Bobtails have very thin nature, they are gentle and loving. Cats are moderately active: not sluggard, but it is impossible to name them fidget.

American Bobtail Cats

Bobtail is creative and able to get out of a closed room or cage. Also, they manifest hunting instincts: cats prey on insects and play with toys as a prey.

Care and Health

American Bobtail was the result of natural selection, in order to survive in the wild. Therefore, breed differ with good health and a lack of predisposition to genetic diseases. Life expectancy is 11-15 years.

From time to time, bathe and brush your pet and it will be enough to make him look good. Especially, this is true about Bobtail longhair, although , their wool usually do not go astray.

Brush cats teeth or monthly or go to the vet for this procedure. Nails should be cut every 2 weeks. Wipe the corners of the eyes with a soft damp, if it is necessary. In addition, use a separate tissue for each eye, not to suddenly spread the infection. Once a week, check the cat’s ears.

American Bobtail cat photo

There are also the features of feeding American Bobtail. Diverse human food and sweets are extremely harmful to cats. They cannot eat everything and keep staying be healthy. Because they need to be fed mainly meat (protein) and fats, carbohydrates are difficult to digest them. Often, Bobtail gain weight because of food that contains  a lot of carbohydrate.

Also, it already threatens the development of diabetes. Therefore, choose a high quality food from rating cat food.

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