American Wirehair

American Wirehair

American Wirehair cats are very similar in appearance and many factors at the American Shorthair Cats, just because they originated from them. In fact , the bread is distinguished only on the basis of a “wire coat”. In reality, it is only a visual effect. Wool of American Wirehair is as soft and silky , but on hips, head spine and outer part of the tail is a little rougher, which creates the illusion of wire.
American Wirehair cat photo

General description of the breed

These cats are quiet , they still like playing and insanely curious, they are very malleable and easy to get used to everything new. For the first time, this breed appeared somewhere in the 60s of the last century, and since then they have conquered not only the United States and Canada, but also reached Europe.

Although, it has been derived from a natural mutation of the American Shorthair, her hair is different from the wool of the ancestors of the genetic changes in her structure.

American wirehair cat breed, photo

In different cats of this breed is their main feature on their coats manifest in different ways, the hairs can be bonded to each other, or coerced by bent, this also applies to the mustache and eyebrows. And this property is very important, so these cats tend not to comb after swimming, letting the coat dry naturally , so that hair will not to straighten.

Most often “wire effect” is not as clear, it is not necessary for it to be all over the skin, it depends on the nature of certain cats.

Appearance of American Wirehair

For this breed , the WCF standard was developed and approved. On rough-size cats are large and medium size and proportional to their rounded torso, shoulders and hips of these cats have the same width. Limb length is average, well developed muscles, oval feet. Tail is proportional concerning to the torso and rounded at the tip.

Descrition of cat breed American wirehair

American Wirehair have rounded skull with developed cheekbones, there is barely noticeable hollow in the region of the cheeks and chin. Also, there is a slight concave bend at the base of the nose.

The value is slightly rounded at the ends of the ears of these cats is average, they are widely placed at the, base is not too open. Representatives of this breed are different for their large round clear wide-set eyes. Their color corresponds to coat color.

The main advantage of haired cats , as it can be understood from the name of the breed is – their wool. It does not fit the body, relatively rigid, medium length. The most interesting thing is that every hair the coat wirehaired is cat curled, bent or a little bit coerced and does not lie exactly , including hair between the ears – this is the most interesting feature. Coat haired cats have thick fur and whiskers are tousled.

Beauty american wirehair cat

The whole appearance of the American Shorthair is often admired, the whole body is proportional, there is no “error”, the cat is very graceful and her body is rounded with no throwing in the virulence eyes.

Paws are oval and compact, with a rounded tail tip commensurate with the body. The head has a rounded skull and very developed cheekbones, slightly bent ears are well placed and the size is not that big, more likely closer to average. The image is crowned with clear and big eyes, the color depends on coloring, which can be diverse.

Character of American Wirehair

Representatives of this breed are friendly to people, affectionate and balanced, they are easy to make friends with other pets and children are not hurt by them. American Wirehair- is silent breed. Cats feel well during the absence of the owner, can easily adapt to new conditions and are quite playful.

American Wirehair Cat photo

Care for American Wirehair

Cats of this breed do not special care . It us enough to comb with a stiff brush with some regularity. It should be noted that it is impossible to dry the hair with a dryer and comb after washing to preserve the naturally curled fur of cats. In itself, washing does not affect the state of the coat haired cats.

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  1. Emily

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article about American Wirehair cats ;-)

    As a proud owner of one, I can attest to their unique charm and lovable nature. My American Wirehair, Bella, is a bundle of joy with her playful antics and affectionate purrs. They truly make wonderful companions!

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