Australian Mist

Australian Mist

Australian Grey Cat (also known as Australian Mist) is a unique animal like all other animals, whose birthplace is Australia. Currently Australian Mist is officially recognized only by the WCF, which, incidentally, is not surprising.

Australian mist photo

History of Australian Mist

Outside Australia, Australian Grey Cat is rare. Australian Mist is a relatively new breed, created in Sydney in 1975-1976 years. The ancestors of this breed are Abyssinian, Burmese and domestic non-pedigreed cats. When creating Australian Mist it was used a special selection program, which allowed taking on the best of each breed. The task for breeders was to create a cat outwardly resembling Burmese cat and having fur color with a characteristic feature.

As a result, this breed is the mix of constitution and sociability of the Burmese and has over four of the six colors of the color palette. Australian Mist has adopted two shades of color and ticking from Abyssinian cat, as well as their unrivalled activity and vitality. Pedigree domestic cats gave to Australian Mist early maturation and unusually beautiful spotted pattern. So, having achieved this goal, the founded breed was registered as a patchy mist in 1986 by Australian amateur organizations.

Australian mist cat breed

In 1998 it has been officially registered as marbled mottled color with a touch of aquamarine eyes, obtained after the addition of the Siamese gene from the Australian Spotted Mist. After this event, the breed was renamed to the Australian Mist.

Due to the small prevalence and lack of information, it is difficult to talk about the value of this breed’s kitten. However, it can be assumed that the Australian Mist refers to the expensive breeds of cats, taking into account the pedigrees and sex of the kittens because the females are more valuable in price than tomcats of this breed.

Breed description

Australian Mist is a medium sized cat with little surrounding fur.

A distinctive feature of the Australian Mist is patchy color and sometimes marbled spotted color with a ticked common background. The lower part of the body is slightly lighter, giving the impression of “invisible robes”, which gives the Australian Mist extraordinary charm.

Australian mist image

These cats have a direct or a little aside, medium-sized ears with specific rounded tips. Its eyes are slightly slanted, almond-shaped, with unusually beautiful aquamarine or green color and golden iris.

The tail is smaller in length than the length of the body which has specific black stripes, and the tip of the Australian Mist’s tail is gently rounded.

Australian Mist is a homebody, quietly tolerate towards the lack of walks and can spend time indoors for a long time.

What excels Australian Mist? Ticked kind of color! Whether Australian Mist is blue, chocolate, brown, golden, caramel, peach or lilac fur, the pattern will always be marbled or mottled.
This breed cats are average-sized and the all parts of body structure are proportional. The weight of tomcat can reach up to 7 kg, the females – about 4 kg.

Australian mist beaty photo

The breed standard and a detailed description according to an international organization TICA:

  • The head – form of broad modified wedge with gently rounded contours, round cheeks. Profile: with a bend on the bridge, a convex curve on the forehead;
  • Eyes – large, upper eyelid is straight and the bottom is curved; set wide apart and slanted towards the nose. Color: All shades of green;
  • Ears – Moderately long, broad at the base, rounded tips, slightly rotated and tilted forward;
  • Nose – wide, moderately short;
  • The body – medium length, muscular, broad and rounded ribcage;
  • Feet – strong, hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones;
  • Tail – length is proportional to the length of the body; fat with minimal contraction, fluffy;
  • Fur – a short, thick, glossy.


Australian Mist has a sweet temper, her sociability and desire to play is not a burden to the owners, and it does not shy away from strangers, and behaves very responsive and friendly. Moreover, it is tolerant to other pets. Spending time with children, to entertain, to protect and watch over them is the highest pleasure for the Australian Mist that overwhelmingly pleased its owner.

There is no limit of compassion and patience for these cats and it will live through easily during the forced isolation in the absence of the hosts.

Australian mist sitting photo

It is difficult to talk about the features of care because of the rarity of this breed of cats and the lack of information about these cats. But it should be noted that basing on the materials available on the Australian Mist there are no difficulties to keep this cat.

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