Cat breeds

Welcome to the current section of our website where there are all breeds of cats with the description, the name, the history of breeding and characteristic features. The section is especially useful when choosing a pet – all the necessary information about the cats is in one place, you can compare breeds and to find out the features of the nature of particular cats.

It turns out that 600 million domestic cats coexist side by side with us!

All breeds of cats are divided into:

Fluffy and shorthaired, affectionate and freedom-loving, playful and calm – the presented list of cat breeds with photos and description allows you to quickly navigate to the characteristics of each thoroughbred animal.

Short Hair Cat Breeds

Abyssinian cat

Abyssian cat photo

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This cat breed is one of the oldest. Ethiopian beast (also called beauty) – a cat of rare intelligence and a rare obstinacy. The breed known for exceptional color – wild colors, red (sorrel or cinnamon), blue and fawn typical for Abyssinian. It is ideal when, every hair of its coat has a triple ticking. Photo descendants’ cat Zula, first Abyssinian, brought to Europe, do not pass all the wild charm of the representatives of this breed.

Australian Mist

Australian Mist Cat
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Australian Mist cats of that breed, which mightadmitted unique. Born in the homeland of kangaroos in Australia, Australian Mist took the best from its closest relatives – Abyssinian cat “burmezskoy” and from simple non-pedigreed cats. The best, first, expressed in color. It is – spotted fur or marble spotted ticked with a common background. Outside of Australia, this breed is almost does not occur.

American Wirehair

American wirehair cat
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Cats dressed in “Wire coat” are different from the American Shorthair cats (about them – below) not for quality of wool, but for her appearance.

Being soft to the touch, it seems outwardly barbed wire and creates the illusionof wire. Often “wire effect” is not expressed on all the skins, and concentrated along the spine and tail.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair Cat
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There are breeds of cats, which called a long-lived and the American Shorthair is just one of them. The average life expectancy of American cat (female) – 15-20 years! Popular breed recognized as American Shorthair in the 17th century but officially recognized only in 1904, thanks to cat Buster Brown.

Today, Brown’s descendants conquered in not only America, also recites already in 100 special nurseries, but also Japan, which does not lag behind the American breeders.

American Bobtail

American Bobtail Cat
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All breeds of cats have a history. In some, it is short and such rocks often bred artificially, and in other history stretches back over several centuries. It happened at the American Bobtail shorthair, which is descended from the cats that live in the Indian wigwams. There is an opinion that it was not cats, it was a domesticated lynx. Indeed, if we look at the pictures of the short-American Bobtail, something Rysin it obviously has!

American Curl

American Сurl Cat
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If you compare the popular cat breeds with pictures of cats of rare breeds, the difference, sometimes visible only in detail, but these details makesdifference! Therefore, the American Curls’ important detail is ears, which like twisted back. Moreover, such an inversion formed in kittens of American breed is not from birth, but only by 4 months of age.

Anatolian cat

Anatolian cat photo

Domestic cat Anatolian rock in ancient times led anactive life in the Armenian highlands in a territory around Lake Van. Therefore, their closest genotype to the genotype of “wild-type”. This is reflected (among others) that the cats of this breed does not meow, imitating their wild brethren. They give “bird” sounds so Anatolian also called as “Tweet” cats.

Arabian Mau

Arabian Mau Cat photo
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Cat from the Arabian Peninsula elegant and graceful, long-legged and has big ears. The desert cat today remains a good hunter, but those who gave her shelter, you need to know that these cats do not know restraint in food and to prevent obesity Arabian Mau, especially it needed to ensure that the cat does not overeat.

Bengal cat

Bengal cat photo

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The history of the Bengal breed – a story with a happy end. Bangkok purring on the verge of extinction. One of these cats exported to America to geneticist Jean Mill. The cat called Malaysia. Malaysia liked USA, but Malaysia did not show it. It strongly demonstrated his temper and only during estrus let the neighbor black cat to near her. The fruit of their love become Bengal kittens. Description Bengal similar to the description of the jaguar – the same color of prey, the same savage temper.

Bombay cat

Bombay Cat

Little Black Panther created by breeders during 23 years! Large eyes of these cats at birth have a blue color, then become gray, and finally become yellow-orange tint. You should know that “Bombay” loves to talk, also has a soft voice, then their sound does not bother loving owners.

Brazilian shorthair cat

Brazilian shorthair cat

We used to breed cats, with pictures and names of the cats show us something unusual and unique. Brazilian Shorthair stands apart from other aristocratic, since it cannot boast of a unique appearance. Yes, the Brazilians, it seems like any domestic cat. However, will any yard cat hasthe same piercing eyes almond-shaped eyes and the same wedge-shaped head?

British Shorthair

British Shorthair cat shinshilla photo

Strong, kind, courageous, dexterous, and skillful – it is all about the British Shorthair cats, one of the most popular breeds in the world. However, the owners of British cats as one, point its independent character. No wonder the British called “cats for business”. If you work a lot, if your day begins with a conference call at 7 am and ends with the quarterly report at 7 pm, the British Shorthair – your pet option. However, keep in mind – the British are afraid of cold. So – no drafts and cold floors!

Burmese cat

Burmese cat photo

Burmese cat comes from Burma. According to legend, a pair of Europeans have received a gift of two cats of this breed in gratitude for their help in protecting the monastery from the attacks. It was in the mid-20th century. In addition, in the 21st century, it observed that the shorthaired cat, like the Burmese, live in Tibet. They have little hair, but many well-developed muscles and very expressive eyes.


Burmilla Cats photo

If you look at pictures of cats and kittens of various breeds, one can imagine that how much effort spent breeders to bring new standards.ToBurmilla is not the case! The breed derived quite by accident. Just the two alonemet (crossed) and the Persian chinchilla lilac and Burmese cat appeared. They have 4 silver kitten, whose joyful breeders hurried to bring in the cat directory.

Havana brown cat

Havana brown cat photo

All such narrow, agile and spectacular, Havana brown cat likes to show off, attracting the attention of others. Adult cats of this breed characterized by a unique bright brown color. Havana cats – typical extroverts.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex black

Devon Rex сurly as the Cornish Rex, but have slightly different body features. For these features often referred as aliens, or elves. Do you know? Deservedly! Rarely a cat can boast such a wise move as the Devon Rex. They are extremely playful, with wise and loved. Their owners may wake up at night because of the Devon Rex’s kisses. Moreover, Devon know how to smile.

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau cat photo

This is not a breed, but a poem. Egyptian Mau cats is different from all, because of the existence of a pattern in the form of the letter “M” over the eyes and a pattern in the form of the letter «W» at ear level (it is called “Scarab”). In addition, the Egyptian Mau wears make-up – clean lines, accentuating the eyes and pass under the eyes and on the cheeks. The most common coat color among representatives of this ancient breed – Silver.

Korat cat

Korat cat photo

Have you seen Russian blue cat? Korat is surprisingly similar to her; it differs only in the quality of wool. In addition, when the cat of this breed is 4 years old, a gift from the fairy godmother Korat, get emerald green eyes. In conjunction with the smoky wool, it produces a lasting impression.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex Cats photo

Representatives of Cornish Rex cats called the karakul, because their fur, devoid of guard hair, curled in a very dense wave. Generally, the second name of Cornish cats, rex, common to all cats with wavy hair. This feature was the result of a gene mutation, and plant breeders have fixed it. Today we have a curly Cornish, which is being exclusively domestic cat does not like drafts, but loves to eat. Due to the special structure of the Cornish Rex’s feet, they cannotremove completely claws and the owner must often make Cornish manicure.

Manx cat

Manx Cat photo

The cats lived is the island of “Manx”, which had no tail. They lived up to as long as no tail did not notice by experts. Moreover,by noticing, they began to form a breed from Manx residents (cats), and they got it. To note, that not all are born tailless Manx. There are four classifications Manx tails ranging from 0 to XL.


Minskin cat photo

Today Minskins- one of the rarest breeds of cats, also known as “cat-hobbit.” Dwarf cat has short legs, gently Rex Wool with fur and suede leather. Minskin fans argue that this is a very sociable and social cat, which is easy to tolerate travel and ideal for nature for those who love to travel.

German Rex

German Rex photo

German or Prussian Rex – one of the first curly cats. From Cornish and Devonian German, differs massive body and large features of the muzzle. Parents Prussian handsome are a Russian blue cat and Angora cat.

Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue cat

Russian breed is not leaving the ratings of the most well-known breeds of cats. Its unusual color has become a hallmark of Russian blue. Russian has enjoyed special love in Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Plush fur and excellent quality Russian Blues Pied Piper allow them equally feel good in an apartment and in a private house.

Savannah cat

Savannah Сat photo

Large cat spotted in the wild and predatory look – a hybrid of home cat and African serval. Savannahs is like a wild animal with their manners – they fearless, not afraid of dogs, no water and still love free range. It should also be noted their remarkable, literally, doggy devotion to his master.

Singapura cat

Singapura cat photo

How a cat mongrel became an aristocrat? Elementary, meow! To do this Singapura cat had not to lived on the Asian streets without a roof over his head, caught the eye of American tourists and take a chance to go with them to an unknown America. Today, Singapura – a small cat weighing up to 2 kilograms, sable brown color, or ivory color.

Scottish Straight Cat

Scottish straight cat

Scottish “straightear” cat has round little face, graceful body and a long tail. Not about Scottish straight, the cinematic “A cat has four legs;  You do not can touch her for her long tail, long tail?”. However, in fact, Scottish Straight cannot stand familiarity, but they are quite friendly and considerate.

Scottish Fold

Skotish Fold cat photo

Scottish Folds are also Scottish, but fold. Their ancestor – Scottish cat Susie, which for some reason were originally unique ears. This distinctive feature of it and passed to their offspring. The rest of the folds are very similar to the Straight of which we mentioned above.


Sokoke cat

Kenyan forest cat ancestors has “hadzondzo” themselves (Kenyan wild cats). From “hadzondzo”, Kenyan forest cat got a brush on the ears, the black tip of the tail and the ability to change eye color depending on their mood. Therefore, if you see that the Sokoke eyes blazing scarlet – run!


Toyger cat photo

Toyger is a pure design project. So nice to see the interior of the wild predator in mini format! Ideal Toyger has a “butterfly” on the forehead and circular marks on his cheeks. Toy tiger – still not completely formed breed, it is possible that in a few years will be even more predatory.

Ceylon cat

Ceylon cat photo

Ceylon cat is unique, if only because that is the only Italian breed of cats. Not very long tail compensated by very long claws, which Ceylon cat on case, issue a business in the body of the suspected offender.


Chausie Cat photo

Unlike Italy, America is notorious that produces and releases in the world, new breeds of cats. Ceausubelongs to the very youngspecies. The basis Ceausu took the jungle cat and domestic cat. Progeny get healthy, close, and took the wildcat exterior, for which he appreciated by fans.


Chartreux cat photo

It is said that France – a country of emigrants. This statement also applies to cats. Unknown that, from Syria or Iran arrived in the early gray cat Chartreux, but Frenches perfected the breed as the largest diamond and output turned out a real diamond – a large gray cat Chartreux with honey-amber eyes.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair cat photo

Exotic – artificially breed and it is obviously reminiscent of Persian cats who have fallen in the hands of the hairdresser. Because of their short hair, even jokingly referred to as “Persian cats for the lazy.” Another difference from the longhaired exotic, shorthair exotic – naive and even childish expression faces. Resist the charm of this cat is not possible.

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail cat photo

Somehow, in the Middle Ages Japanese did not like cat tails, they say, where it is still dark spirits live, if not in them? Fearing the influence of evil forces, the Japanese tried to choose a cat with a shorter tail. On this basis, the Japanese Bobtail Shorthair – all bright personality, because the length of the tail had just 12 centimeters, and it is hooked!

Medium hair cat breeds

Balinese cat

Balinese cat

These cats never grow giants, they are usually small or even very small. Balinese cats came to the world in Thailand, but this does not stop them from communicating with the world. Such an open hearted cat who wants to love and to be loved is worth to be looked for.

Cymric Cat

Cymric cat

A cat of Cymric breed is originally from Canada. Some believe it’s a long-haired variation of Manx, but Canadians believe – they have their own breed and it has the right to exist! The stocky, muscular and rounded – these are the main characteristics of the Cymric cat breed. And they can be trained and easily be bathed since they just love water and water treatments.

Kurilian Bobtail

Kurilian Bobtail cat photo

This is the Russian version of the short-tailed cats. The pompon tail, cold resistance and dog habits is an informal standard for breed of Kurilian Bobtail. The length of tail of each representative is different, traditionally it ranges from 2 to 8 vertebrae. The absence of a tail at all is a sign of disqualification.

Laperm cat

Laperm cat photo

This is another representative of Rex breed cats with wavy hair. Laperm is an American blood and oriental spices. In addition for being curly, breeders mark the silence of laperm. These are not the cats that wake in the morning with cries, but those who will wake you up with their tenderness.

Munchkin cat

Munchkin cat

Smiley cat. This is a Munchkin cat breed. The length of its blade is three times shorter than body length. Cat Dachshund sometimes behaves like a cat kangaroo – sits on his short hind legs and backs their strong tail trunk. munchkins reached our land only in 2001 and aren’t very popular yet.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon is the United States of America’s native breed. Farm cats reminded Americans of racoons because of the color, the size of the body and the size of a tail, which is why they became known as raccoon cats, and cats are not even felt offended. By the way, the first official Maine Coon is named “Captain Jenks of sea cavalry”. It was him who represented the breed at the shows in 1861.

Neva Masquerade cat

Neva Masquerade cat photo

Color pointed spots and bright blue eyes are a portrait of the beauty queen in a cat world. A little of Siberian cat, a little Siamese and what we got is a large (5 kilograms) Neva masquerade. The mask on his face gave the name to this breed. The petholders also noted that the Neva Masquerade never weaves intrigue, absolutely not vindictive and totally ignores the banal “kitty, kitty.” Have to be called only by name and through “Ma’am!”

Nebelung cat

Nebelung cat photo

Nebelung is still very rare, although are considered to be a long-haired version of the popular Russian blue cat. They got their name from the nebula (it Nebel -. Fog) medieval German epic “The Song of the Nibelungs.”

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat photo

This is the official Norwegian breed. It is believed that the Norwegian forest cat is descended from … Angora, which was brought to the harsh country by travelers. Effeminate beauty was nothing left to do but start hunting, fishing and fighting for survival. She could come over it and today Norwegian Forest is a cat that is not afraid of water, or cold because of the “double” layer of wool and can get along with any of Viking descendants.

Oriental cat

Oriental cat photo

It is said that the Orientals have nasty voice. It is difficult to argue with this statement, one can only be glad for the consistency of the character of oriental cats because it does not just give its voice in. Elegant, graceful, refined cat communicates only when it’s necessary. And if possible, she could tell you that the myth that the Orientals spoiled the curtains is almost groundless. Yes, they love to swing on the curtains, but only at a young age. Grown up, an oriental cat takes some other entertainment.

Pixie bob

Pixie bob cat

Short-tailed elf – a cat, like a lynx. The breed has been eloborated artificially in 1995. Severe bone, powerful legs, a short tail and predatory spot confirmed that the selection is good! I am glad that artificially breed of pixie bob was extremely healthy and has no hereditary diseases.


Ragdoll cat photo

So lovely cats called because of low muscle structure, which is typical for all the cats and cats regdolls as well. Doll cats breed can not stand lonileness, so leaving them at home during the holidays is not a good idea. But on a lead with the owner they do well even in the car, even for a seat in the rickshaw.

Birman cat

Birman cat photo

A special Burmese color shade is about this breed – white paws with long hair of pointed coloration. Sacred cat of Burma with dignity wears white gloves and socks. This Burmese eyes which are especially blue, the colors of summer cloudless sky. The famous billionaire gave a life to this breed and since then it is believed that the sacred Birman has a particularly good manners.

Siberian cat

Siberian cat photo

Siberian cat appeared and developed in the territory of Ural and Siberia. Of course, the climate influenced its characteristics. The coat of the Siberian cats do not transmit moisture and does not get wet. It is easy to tolerate colds and still remains to be kitten. Siberian male and female are grown up only by the age of five. Many people love the breed because it is almost the only one among the semi-longhair ones, which is considered to be hypoallergenic.

Snowshoe cat

Snowshoe cats photo

Snowshoe – was born in the American kennel. Graceful cats have a nice behaviour and charming appearance. Not all the kittens can be produced so perfectly, but those who took the best qualities of Snowshoe become the standards of feline beauty.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora cat

The thing that can be said about this breed is – recognized by all! They were brought into the world from Byzantine city of Angora back to the 16th century, the Angora cat was so attractive that for all that long time the Europeans called all the white cats as Angora. By the way, in Turkey there are program for the protection of the Angora cat, because it is considered a  as national wealth of the country. Turkish Angora cat is also long-lived 13, 15, 20 years – is the norm for it.

Turkish van

Turkish Van cat photo

In the middle of the last century British journalists took  two kittens of Van type of this breed from Turkey. Kittens called Van Attila (Boy) and Van Guzel Iskenderun (girl). Van Guzel shocked connoisseurs with her fur red and white color of Van. Today only  the classic red-and-white / cream white colors Vani or allowed as black-and-white / blue and white, tortoiseshell-white color of Van are recognized.

Highland fold

Highlend Fold cat photo

Scottish Fold Longhair appeared recently and it soon had to defend its right to be breed. Breeders wondered – if there are only folds, Straight and the British in the pedigree, then where there are long-haired kittens? However, Highland Fold has dispelled all doubts with its existance, long-haired Scot to be!

Long Hair Cat Breeds

Himalayan cat

Himalayan cat photo

Himalayan color-point is very similar to a Persian cat, but the latter never has the color of color-point. Another difference from the Persian cat is that Himalayan cat is more mobile and playful. Long-haired cats are ready to decorate the world by themselves and they are happy to run for a sunbeam.

Persian cat

Persian cat photo

Oh, the oldest and most popular! Yes, it should be treated with special respect because essentially it is leading its origin from cats “Shakherezada”. Snub-nosed cat lifts up her nose at the slightest pretext and does not like the bustle around. According to the standard, there are about 100 varieties of Persian cat color but these cats are similar in the body constitution – they are strong and massive.

Hairless cat breeds

Sphynx cat

Canadian Sphynx photo

Canadian Sphynx cat is not born hairless. The absolute bare animals among them do not occur. But there are kittens that easily jump up to a height of 1 meter from the youth and when matured – the height of the jump reaches almost one and a half meters! It is noted that the Sphynx cats have a very good memory and are easily trainable.

Ukrainian Levkoy cat

Ukrainian Levkoy cat photo

Not only is naked and also lop-eared! Well, all 33 cat pleasure! This breed was begun to be bred in 2000 and the first representative of the breed Ukrainian Gillyflower was born in 2004 and his name was Gillyflower Primero. One can argue about the beauty of this breed, but we cannot agree with the fact that Ukrainian gillyflower is very cosmic and organic. Many believe that it is a cat of the future.

Well, we have listed all cat breeds with pictures which you need to know. Share in the comments what your favorite breed is.